Artwork - Darren Grayson Designers


Darren specialises in the creating of unique pieces of artwork suitable for private homes or corporate environments, whether a wall installation, sculpture or painting.

"The ability to create individual pieces for an environment that I've designed allows me to tie all the design elements together to complete the overall ambience. I try to combine and reflect an understanding of harmony, visual impact, human impact, and the individual strength a piece can add to the surroundings in which it will be housed.

Being able to create a piece for a specific room often allows various aspects of the room - design and furnishings - to play a part in the finished artwork, whether a painting, or a sculpture. When painting, elements of the room contribute directly, be it colour, shape or form, and even the texture of a cushion may be suggested in the finished piece. Conversely, in the case of stand-alone pieces, colour may have no bearing on a piece at all; however, the form expressed may emulate the conditions of the space.

Pictured in our visual selection is the original sculpture entitled 'Instinct'. This duo male on male sculpture is the inspiration for the collection which will include coupled and single figures ('Solitude') expressing physical and sexual emotion, whilst conveying a sense of torment and abandonment. Their stretched form gives them a sense of discord, and the exaggerated masculine curvature heightens the sexual strength of the piece, offering a true expression of masculinity and physical prowess.

Individual pieces are made to order. Paintings or installations may be created on site, project-dependent.